5 De Mayo Celebration in Downtown Pasco, WA. Part 2

This is the part 2 of the pictures I took of the 5 De Mayo celebration in Downtown Pasco, it was nice to see the community enjoying the day with friends and family! thank you for letting me take these pictures! - David V35

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Uncle Brother's Fish Fry

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5 De Mayo Celebration in Downtown Pasco, WA. Part 1

This is the part one of the pictures I took of the 5 De Mayo celebration in Downtown Pasco, I loved the vibes, the food, the people and the stories, thank you for letting me save these moments in time. It was awesome! looking forward to the next one! feel free to tag the pictures - David V35

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Mami’s Spicy Ceviche
Ballet Folklórico Cielo de México

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Tu Decides Newspaper Part 2

David V35 el 13 de Enero del 2012 de regreso a la portada de tu Decides bilingual newspaper, una sorpresa cuando encuentro el periodico circulando por las calles con una de mis obras, una acuarela titulada "El Llamado" saben que aqui hay mas historia que en su debido momento les voy a contar, si quieren leer o descargar este ejemplar lo pueden hacer en este link usando Google drive. Español / English

Sketchbook from 2005-2007 Part 3

Here are the rest of the picture I took of my sketchbook, (part 1) and (part 2) in case you missed that post. So in conclusion at least for right now... It is refreshing to look at all these ideas from the past and see the progress that has been made, I think one of these days I will seat down and write a book, I have some many stories behind these drawings that I could probably write a whole trilogy, they might look a bit twisted and weird at some degree but they are honest expressions of the feelings I had and the person I was between 2005 and 2007. If you have questions or comments feel free to send me a message. Thank you for visiting my site. - David (Here is a song I still listen and I would listen when I was driving around Washington, I think it might tell you something I can't describe now) "Hello Hooray" by Alice Cooper - https://youtu.be/hKVmndOdzM8

Sketchbook from 2005-2007 Part 2

Here are another 7 drawings from the same sketchbook (part 1 here) from 2005-2007, I don't think I have changed much after all these years, my ideas have always been clear to me, things did change around me and some people I knew, when I find myself listening to my own voice inside my head I always hear or think... "I was talking about all those things back then and drawing these things, people thought I was crazy and I didn't care..." I still have that feeling most of the day to be honest with you, I wish I could tell you more about these drawings but I will leave it to your interpretation, here is one song that I remember listening and really helped me get the fire rolling, if you listen to this song I think you might like it too "Fuera de Mí" by La Ley: https://youtu.be/B_5Q-lV9Jug

Sketchbook from 2005-2007 Part 1

Here are 7 pictures from my Sketchbook from the years 2005-2007, is been interesting digging out these drawings and look at them again, I won't go into details about what they mean to me for now but rather wonder what you make of them, what do you think was going on in my life during those years? I will continue looking for some of my old artwork to share it here. Thank you for visiting my site.

Inspirado (Work in progress)

Aquí les comparto fotos de un dibujo de tinta sobre papel que espero terminar este mes, solo dibujo cuando traigo inspiracion y ahora ya siento que puedo retomar este dibujo para completarlo, aunque se mire un poco loco créanme que tiene su significado, si tienen alguna pregunta me puede enviar un mensaje y con gusto les contesto. Que tengan excelente día!

The LEAP album cover by David V35

Back in 2015 David V35 had the honor to design the artwork for the The LEAP first Sound Album 2015 (Vol 1) it was a great experience, the album features very talented musicians from Wenatchee, WA.
You can find out more about this project here:
Event official website: https://www.theleapevent.org/
Purchase digital copy of the album here:

¡Agua de Coco!

¡Ayer durante mi descanso me fui a probar el Agua de Coco que prepara mi amigo Gabriel Martinez! ¡que ricas aguas! ¡tiene una variedad muy buena asi que se las recomiendo! ¡yo pedi mi Agua de Coco con Chia y me quede con ganas de mas! ¡pueden encontrarlo en el Restaurante & Botanas Plaza aqui en el centro de Pasco, WA. y los fines de semana en "La Pulga"! The Pasco Flea Market¡ no se queden con las ganas de probarlas! - 🙌🏾😎🙌🏾 - David V35