Sketchbook from 2005-2007 Part 2

Here are another 7 drawings from the same sketchbook (part 1 here) from 2005-2007, I don't think I have changed much after all these years, my ideas have always been clear to me, things did change around me and some people I knew, when I find myself listening to my own voice inside my head I always hear or think... "I was talking about all those things back then and drawing these things, people thought I was crazy and I didn't care..." I still have that feeling most of the day to be honest with you, I wish I could tell you more about these drawings but I will leave it to your interpretation, here is one song that I remember listening and really helped me get the fire rolling, if you listen to this song I think you might like it too "Fuera de Mí" by La Ley: