David V35

Global Citizen Art Show Vol. II

Event Purpose:

The Global Citizen Art Show is a high quality event that aims at promoting community unity and serving as a platform for local artists and high school students to showcase their talent and works. The Global Citizen Art Show will promote community unity by providing Tri-Citians of all economic levels an opportunity to engage and experience an art show that centers around a theme of civic responsibility - regardless of race or nationality. This show will highlight different cultures, races, and provide a platform for discussion on social inequities and solutions for such issues. 

Event Outline and Objectives

Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the works of seven artists and over 120 pieces from various art mediums to be showcased. Artists will range from well established to newcomers. In addition, 6 high school students will be selected from our local community to promote and encourage their talent development. Hand picked by their art teachers, who would like to experience the art world. Desire is the most important element to selecting students. 

Art Mediums Represented: 
Live Music 

The evening will consist of an opening of poetry, a showcase of digital and visual arts, live music throughout the show and food for attendees to enjoy.

Coming Soon.