Djime on David V35 Radio

Djime is a experimental electronic collective. In the fall of 2017, Djime recorded a series of live sessions that became our first full length album release entitled “Octopus Dreams”. We draw our style from swelling guitar builds, high energy synthesizer leads, deep driving bass, thick layered distortions, mangled drum machine percussion, and live breakbeat jazz drumming. The album was recorded over a series of six live sessions at our studio space in Seattle’s U-District. - Djime.

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Beautiful song by Kevin Dorin "Does The Soul Grow Old"

Official Music Video for Kevin Dorin's song "Does the soul grow old". Pre-order the album "Invisible Lines" here:

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Artist of the week #4

Our artist of the week is here! please welcome Stop Dont Stop from Pasco, WA. Stop Don't Stop is a musical collaboration between M. Cooper and DJ Honeysauce. Their sound comes from pump up the jam school dances & indie rock shows. Find out more about Stop Don't Stop on their official website!

Listen to their latest album here - Absence Has Weight

Artist of the week #2

Our featured artist of the week today is Almost Machines from Richland, WA. "Almost Machines is heavily influenced by science and science fiction and how it has shaped humanity. Our name describes how society is becoming more like machines due to technological advances. It’s a common theme in the music we create as well. Along with it being a commentary on the world around us, it also helps describe the unique way we blend acoustic instruments with electronic effects for a strong tonal juxtaposition." -

Almost Machines on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube